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Let's start your own digital store and get connected to potential customers from your local region and beyond. Build your brand, create a connected inventory, manage your orders and oversee your own delivery network.

Get full control of your store from the Hyloca Console. Manage your orders and assign carriers on the go, with the help of our Manager App available on both Android and IOS.

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How to Start a Store?

  1. Step 1. Signup for a new Hyloca Account using any of our apps or signin to our Hyloca Console with your existing Hyloca Account.
  2. Step 2. Click on 'Open New Store' under the Stores > 'Stores' tab from your sidebar.
  3. Step 3. Please fill up all the relevant information about your store. Recommended logo image size is 512 * 512 pixels. Select registered carriers with Hyloca using their email ids to act as your store delivery personnel and submit the form after ensuring that all your information is correct.
  4. Step 4. After submission, your store will be listed under Stores > 'Store Requests' Tab while it is being reviewed by our administration team.
  5. Step 5. Once your store is verified and approved by our administration team, your store will get listed under Stores > 'Stores' as well as become active on all our apps.
  6. Step 6. Congratulations! Your store is now live. Start by updating your product inventory and reaching out to new customers.

Once your store is approved, you can update your carriers, add product or even sync your products from the respective supplier's inventory.

Hyloca will charge between 4% to 12% as platform commission charges on every order depending upon the type of store. By default, the platform charges will be charged exclusive of the order amount to the customer along with the delivery charges per order.

If you wishes to have the platform charges included within each of the order amount, you can opt for the respective option by connecting with the administration team. Payments are settled within every 7 days and all your payouts can be managed under the Hyloca Console.

How to Update your Products?

  1. Step 1. Click on 'Create Product' under the Products > 'Products' tab from your sidebar.
  2. Step 2. Fill up all the relevant information about your product. Save your product after ensuring that all your information is correct.
  3. Step 3. Create your own group of options for all your products by going to Products > 'Option Groups' and opening the 'Create Option Group' tab.
  4. Step 4. Add an option to one of your products by going to Products > 'Options' and opening the 'Create Option' tab.
  5. Step 5. That's it. Your product is now available on your store for our customers.

How to Sync a Product?

Hyloca allows you to have your products synced from any of your supplier's inventory inside our platform to enable you to save time in updati8ng your inventory and have your product information standardized.

  1. Step 1. Click on 'Sync Product' under the 'Products' tab from your sidebar.
  2. Step 2. Find your supplier's store and tap 'View Products' to view the list of products in their inventory.
  3. Step 3. Click on 'Sync' on the product you wish to sync. This will open the 'Create Sync Request' tab with all of the respective product's information.
  4. Step 4. Check all your product information and make relevant changes. Once you have updated information like price, stock etc., you can click'Sync Product' to forward a sync request to your supplier.
  5. Step 5. Your sync request will now be available under the 'Sync Requested' inside Products > 'Sync Product'. Once your sync request is approved by your respective supplier, your product will become active in your inventory.
  6. Step 6. Users can also sync products from your inventory after your approval. Requests for syncing products from your inventory will be available under the 'Sync Requests' inside Products > 'Sync Product'.

If you have any queries, you can connect with us at +91 996 285 0095 or email us at